If we stand tall it is because we stand on the backs of those who came before us
— Yoruba proverb

our founders

The Earthskills Africa NPO was founded by Rein Buyze and Lucy Olden in response to a growing need to present a strong, cohesive platform for collaboration, education and inspiration in the areas of traditional and indigenous crafts, primitive and earth skills, and nature connection in Africa.



A collaborative approach ensures that our offering represents a broad range of skills and cultural diversity. Click on the links below to connect with the work of our current collaborators.

Handmade Trust | Carlos Francisco — Inspiring and reconnecting the public with traditional African craft and crafting knowledge, while recognising, empowering and celebrating individual crafters who still practice this heritage art form.

Wild clay | Belinda Blignaut — Facilitating art making and expression for all, using clay as the medium. Belinda’s workshops offer hands-on immersion into working with local hand-dug/wild clay, foraged minerals and pit firing.

The Wandering Wild School | Casparo Brownbeard — The Wandering Wild School comes to you. With minimum kit, we will visit a wild place and, for a time, explore together what wilderness is.

Weavery | Rene Bahloo — Taking an ancient cultural practice and adapting it to the needs of contemporary society for healing, connecting, personal growth and skill building, Weavery brings the magic of weaving circles to life.



  • Earthskills Africa strives for improved self-sufficiency, community resilience and a low-impact human lifestyle

  • We aim to immerse ourselves in earth skills as a way of daily life

  • We seek transparency and a full understanding of our natural resources supply chain and adhere to ethical, responsible and sustainable sourcing principles

  • We strive towards building an accessible earth skills movement in Africa, one that acknowledges local traditions and relevance

  • We understand and believe that empowering others is our central motivator



"This is where children should be."

“Thanks so much for your offering. My children had an amazing time and learnt so much.”

“I will continue learning from this amazing, artful craft.”

“From setting up tents, swimming, learning to make a fire, hiking and finding animal tracks to games ... it was all done in two days. Thank you for your excellent leadership.”

"Die kamp was baie lekker. Ek wil weer gaan.”

“Awen had the best time ever at camp with you!”