To date, Lucy’s expressions of self include singer, athlete, editor/writer and mother – all of which come in handy in her work at Earthskills Africa! It is largely through mothering, however, that she began to connect deeply with the needs of children (and their caregivers) today, teaching nature-oriented children’s yoga and relishing each interaction with the young.

Her career in publishing spanned nearly 20 years and a vast array of magazines, books and educational resources. In 2016, having reached something of a crossroads, Lucy redirected her journey towards a sustainable, community-conscious, purpose-driven lifestyle by looking deeply into the experiences of those she most admired: the artisans. Her subsequent writings on ‘a tactile life’, coupled with her exposure to the teachings of Rudolph Steiner through the early education of her two boys, led her to fully appreciate the importance of using head, heart and hands in order to realise that sense of connection and wellbeing so elusive to so many in this fast-paced information age.

Digging deeper still, Lucy discovered that it was not only the process of craftsmanship but the use of natural materials, sustainably hand-harvested, imperfectly shaped, culturally relevant, accessible to all and necessary for daily life that really lit her up inside. And it was on meeting those who share her love of earth connection and primitive skills that her tribe was found and her purpose manifested – in the creation of Earthskills Africa.

Lucy has always found solace and connection in nature – the wilder, the better. Her roaring heart fire adores rainy days and damp forest floors, but a dive towards the ocean’s sandy depths feels like freedom.

Her daily role within Earthskills Africa includes communication and marketing, administration, strategy, fund-raising, events and general dog’s body. She is relishing the opportunity of developing this organisation, but still loves nothing more than to kick off her shoes and join a group workshop, learning and growing alongside her colleagues and enthusiastic participants, both big and little.