Born in the Netherlands and raised predominantly in the UK, Rein studied Physics in Glasgow before embarking on his travels in Europe. During this time, he perceived a great need for a fresh look into education, which led him to complete a degree in Steiner Waldorf education, specialising in the adolescent and outdoor education. 
He has since worked in establishing Steiner education in Hermanus and as a middle school coordinator in McGregor, as well as taking on a key role in pioneering the high school in Stellenbosch, as both teacher and high school coordinator.
Rein’s commitment to social transformation in South Africa and his deep attachment to working creatively with children has since seen him combining his talents and boundless energy with his love of the outdoors, and Rein has actively participated in over a hundred camps for children in and around the Western Cape, collaborating with experts from many disciplines, including inner developmental work, dramatic arts and bush craft.  

"Working in nature brings both simplicity and a deep understanding of the complexity of natural order. The children enjoy activities that are both fun and that promote sustainable living and eco-conscious practices. Creative play and story-telling stimulate the imagination and lead children to discover the power of symbolism and reflect on their own experiences."